To Run, or Not to Run

Thursday, 8:35 PM 2/7/13

It used to be when there was an ominous weather forecast, I’d be the the one to take it with a grain of sand, (?) and non-chalantly think “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  Maybe it was like a dare in my mind, because I’ve always liked big storms, but rarely saw them approach forecast expectations.  That was until Sandy. Forecasts in late September were as dire as you could get, and the storm lived up to (and well beyond) the worst. We rode that one out, right there on the water, and were amongst the lucky ones.

Maybe not as dramatic, but the automatic phone alert systems are ringing again tonight, as “a Monster Snowstorm” is headed our way. “Take necessary precautions,” and “expect power outages…” I’m not so blasé tonight. But neither am I secretly craving a record breaker, a snowy show-stopper, a “memorable monster event.”  In fact, we’re entertaining the idea of getting out of town…here, from northern NJ, and heading….to the shore tonight, where the likelihood of paralyzing snow is far less, and the only thing of concern, is a Nor-Easter!

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