Along The Historical Axis

In the 1980’s When Chinese-American architect Pei redesigned the Cour Napoleon, or main courtyard, before the  Lourve in Paris, he placed a single equestrian sculpture of Louie XIV slightly off to the side of the new and controversial Glass Pyramid,  By comparison, the statue’s tarnished bronze surface contrasts beautifully with the warmer tones of the hundreds of masonry statues adorning the buildings of the Lourve. Within that space, the piece alone, is uniquely set centering  on the “Historical Axis,” an imaginary line stretching miles along the famous Avenue du Champs Elyse’es to the relatively new La Grande Arc, over 5 miles away. From the step-up below this statue, I wanted to get some images directly along this line, but a guy…yes folks, a guy….was sitting there eating his lunch at the exact spot. I had to settle about 4 feet to the left!

The awesome view along the axis, crosses the nearby street, Place du Carrousel, and in a stunning visual perspective, continues under the nearby Arc du Carrousel, to the Egyptian Obelsque, .72 miles, and the Arc de Trioumphe, at the apex of the Avenue du Champs Elyse’es over two miles distant. Not in view, 5.25 miles out and still on the Axis, is the contemporary La Grande Arc. In that vicinity, now the modern business district of Paris, is one of its tall office buildings, seen a little too much in the photo…. because of the GUY – and his lunch!


2 thoughts on “Along The Historical Axis

  1. Steve

    I believe you should have tapped him on the shoulder and said: “Monsieur, auriez-vous s’il vous plaît déménagement. Je vais tenter de prendre une photo à la fois de la valeur historique et d’esthétique, qui dépasse de loin vos tentatives pour profiter d’un sandwich au fromage et jambon.”

    Regardless…I still like this pic alot…

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