Did Someone Say PARADISE?

Speaking of the BVI’s (see previous post,) I can’t help but throw in a few more pictures of this idyllic place of warm sunshine; beautiful soft beaches; tall palm trees; pristine clear water ripe for snorkeling; boulders to climb on, under and over; grottos; stunning light plays; and an incredible “trail” leading to one of the worlds most impressive natural places – Devil’s Bay. Coming across it for the first time leaves the senses stunned. As part of the BVI National Park, the area is well preserved and protected, but a visitors warning is the potential for excessive visitors. Planning an early morning, or late afternoon time is best. Better yet, is spending the day “on the ball” on a surprisingly reasonable-cost sailboat chartered by the week, and shuttling in by dinghy. When we were there, the marine life was beautiful and plentiful, but thankfully, there were no gigantic LADY BUGS!


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