Low and Behold!

Ok, the previous post was in the category: DREAM-ON, while in fact, a late winter storm has been dumping up to a foot or more of REALITY on much of the mid west. As not to leave the NE out of the fun, this system is hitting DC now, and parenting another low pressure system off the coast, a nor’easter forecast to produce frigid high winds, coastal flooding and snow. It reminded me of the pretty kind of winter, as seen below, captured a while ago at Niagara Falls, NY in the shadow of the condensation mist. On that day, a few years ago, it was very cold….+3deg. (F) on the US side….and -16 (C) across the river! (!)   So as the barometric pressure deepens, and we prepare for tonight, all that can really be said is… Low and Behold!


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