On Second Look: What’s that?

Occasionally, if not rarely, images reveal things never initially expected: and sometimes not even realized until much later, a kind of bonus that begs investigation. And so it was with two examples shown here.

Sometime ago, while viewing in awe of the spectacular scenery in Tarr Inlet, Alaska, (part of the Glacier Bay National Park,) I was taken by the desolation and natural magnificence of an enormous broad gravel fan with multiple streams feeding into the inlet about halfway along it’s North-Eastern shore. In turn, fed by a bowl of glaciated valleys and high peaks, reaching 6500′, the ridge-line of this area has been called “nearly inaccessible.”  From our ship’s vantage point, nearly a mile away, it’s sea-level deposition of glacial sediment and gravel appeared thoroughly desolate. But some time later after the trip I noticed something not seen before, and confirmed after zooming in, it was a person in a blue coat! Having not seen any form of boat, kyack, dinghy or other means of transportation made me wonder the degree to which THIS GUY would go to seek seclusion!


Then, in early 2011, there was this telephoto image just at the moment of  sunset from somewhere east of Eleuthera Island, Bahamas, the Atlantic Ocean seemingly devoid of anything except our very large Allure of the Seas cruise ship. On second look sometime later, there was this dot… this thing, proven to be real as it was in several images, that nobody could have seen without magnified aid or radar. What was THAT!  Probably a sailboat??,  but…. you never know, out there…, alone.


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