Inside and Around St. Peter’s Basilica

As the installation of Pope Francis is now official, much of the media’s coverage is winding down and with it, another glimpse into the awe-inspiring treasures within the walls of the Vatican. A multitude of adjectives could not describe what fills the senses when trying to capture “being there,” but often, we rely on our cameras to remind ourselves of these often-profound moments.

Here are a few images captured March, 2011 from within and around the awesome Saint Peters Basilica, in Vatican City, Rome, Italy.



2 3-29-11     Italy, Day 5, Rome and Vatican (146)_edited-1




3 thoughts on “Inside and Around St. Peter’s Basilica

  1. Nice photos! We visited St Peter’s four years ago and I took a picture of the Pope walking down the steps after his weekly Benediction. Now that there’s a new Pope I guess I will have to go back some day and take another picture!


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