Of….Form and Function

Sometime ago, I captured some images in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida which in their differing ways provided visual interest of contrasting chromatic planes, sweeping lines, three dimensional shapes and solids….and when viewed as whole, raised a totally non-esoteric question: “How do they keep that so impeccably clean!”

I’m not sure about the how, but I do know the why, as this exquisite Sanlorenzo yacht was at that time renting (chartering) for about $150,000 a week, and at that price it better look good! With a nominal party of 10, that’s really only $30,000 a couple! Really!  Seriously!

This exquisite 90’ 7” Motor Yacht, RETRO BLUE, is no longer for charter, although today it can be purchased for a mere $9,863,000 USD. But the appreciation of it’s colors, and lines; it’s form and dimensions; and the dreams it holds within, is free.


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