Springtime in New Jersey

         Inevitably, it comes to the North-East, along with those special warm days of brilliant sunshine and blue skies. One great place to walk and leisurely take it in is Saddle Brook County Park. Among the new cherry blossoms, and fresh green and yellow ground cover, is the historically significant old Red Mill, built in 1745 as a grist mill, and site of numerous Revolutionary War activities.

         Today, by contrast, and within walking distance are the mega malls and shopping districts of Paramus, NJ, along nearby Rts. 4 and 17, where week-day traffic volume exceeds 300,000 vehicles a day, vs. maybe….a smattering of  horse and wagons when the stones of this mill were first placed. 






3 thoughts on “Springtime in New Jersey

    1. Anonymous

      Steve: Paramus rd.south, turn right just after the Rt. 4 bridge, and immediately right into small parking lot. The mill is right there. That is Saddle Brook by the mill. M


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