A Rainy Night Out On the Town – Paris

Bus Shots don’t usually produce memorable results. But last year, on this one evening in Paris, the distortions, grimy streaks, stencils, and other distractions of the windows faded out between my camera and the subject. Splashy rain only served to enhance the feeling, the ambiance, and the excitement of the night to come in the Pigalle district, current home of  several cabarets, including the iconic, if not campy, Moulin Rouge.

(Thanks to Alienshores52.wordpress.com “Paris in the Rain” for the inspiration.)

2012-09-26 at 19-12-10 - Version 3

The Moulin Rouge, with it’s red windmill, a Paris Landmark for decades

2012-09-26 at 19-14-21

“Feerie” pretty much translates to mean “Extravaganza!”

2012-09-26 at 18-55-51

2012-09-26 at 18-52-35

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Night Out On the Town – Paris

  1. Steven Schulze

    I liked these alot.  They are imperfect, but that’s very parisienne.  From my three journey’s I don’t think the sun ever shone.  Beautiful place, yet dreary in a way.  You almost need to see it in the rain!


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