Living High, atop the Eiffel Tower

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While in Paris last fall I really enjoyed going to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Gustave Eiffel is credited with overseeing the design, and building of this incredible, VERY open air structure, which literally stands as a testament to what late 19th century “modern engineering” could produce, and… in only about 26 months.

Conceived and presented as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, a visitor sees the wonderful engineering details… starting at the massive four supporting legs anchored deeply near the Seine River.  Above, is the beautiful, graceful lattice of 18,038 girders and connecting pieces joined together by some 2,500,000 rivets. The top observation level is 918 ft. (279 m) above the plaza and from there the very top of the tower is another 145 ft., or a total of 1063 ft. (324 m).

What intrigued me this time?  The apartment built by “Gus” on the top. Can you imagine asking a friend over for a drink at “my apartment… it has a nice view!”  NICE VIEW! I usually am not bothered by high places, but to most, hunkering down on the settee for an overnight in a small apartment perched atop a 1000 ft. tower would be ….worrisome! “How’s the weather?”  Make that drink a double, please!

ImageAbove:        From the Esplanade du Trocadero, across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower

ImageAbove:       The first observations level, including “Le 58 Tour Eiffel”  restaurant

ImageAbove:                    From the plaza at the base of the “lattice” work

ImageAbove:    Pont Alexandre III, crossing the Seine,   as seen from the 2nd observation level

ImageAbove:                    The 3rd level (two decks) and top of the tower

ImageAbove:               Looking up at the very top, antenna’s, lights, beacons …

ImageAbove:                  Plaque telling of the apartment, on the upper deckImageAbove:       The original top of the Eiffel tower, showing the apartment, –  long since gone

ImageAbove:     The awesome view from the upper deck, 3rd and highest observation level

21 thoughts on “Living High, atop the Eiffel Tower

    1. Thanks. I write and post on mini mac with a nice monitor, but sadly realize most views are constrained by the smart phone sizing. So much visible information and value is lost in downsizing.

    1. Thanks. If we could only take the time to better savor some of these places while actually there. But – thats’ what the photos do for me long after coming home.

  1. Wonderful photos! I finally acheived my dream of going to Paris when my husband took me a few years ago. Love Paris but I was not brave enough to go up the Eiffel Tower, being terrified of heights! So lovely to see the beautiful views here from a safe vantage point, thank you 🙂

    1. Thanks Sherri. I find myself usually alone when “going to the top,” but really have little fear of heights (under normal conditions!) BUT, left to sit on a 1000′ tower overnight, would indeed allow too much time to ponder my fate!

  2. Nice to see your talent on this site, not only the photos but the writing as well! I remember you sending a picture of a closed shop in Southern RI, when you were down in this area, and at that time thought the picture was outstanding. Nice to see you continue with the gift you have. Take care!

    1. Thanks, Gina. That picture of the book shop is hanging on my office wall, framed and presented so thoughtfully by yourself back in the days I still had ink in my logo pens. M 😍

    1. Yes, it surprised me when we were there last year. He (Gustave Effel) entertained special guests, including Thomas Edison in 1889, and it’s said he lived there for a while and climbed up and down by the stairs! M

        1. Cynthia: I believe the apartment was dismantled many years ago. It was only depicted in a small exhibit at the top observation deck when I was there. M:-)

  3. “MV,” Just great re the Eiffel!!! We were just there Sept 26-30, 2013, & stayed at the Mecure Hotel just 2 short blocks from the Eiffel. So we totally identify with all you say & your photos. We took similar photos in a heavy fog from the Eiffel!!! Thanks for following my Click on France 2013 in the right margin on my website & you will see our entire trip Sept 26-Oct 6. Phil

    1. I briefly came across your site this morning, while reading another blog (Travellers Planet,) and will look further, in short order. We’re near neighbors, having graduated from Bergenfield, also in ’64, and currently in Oakland. nice to meet you. (Your JFK post was awesome!) M

  4. MV, I’m back! This was such a good post on the Eiffel as I said in my previous Comment here. Just returned to say thanks for reading & liking my “12 year Reflections on September 11” on my !!!!! That was a tough one to come to the conclusions I reached. Thanks! Phil

    1. Phillip, Just got around to seeing this comment (5 months later?) Thanks for your comments about the Paris post, and have enjoyed your posts as well, Looking forward to more. M

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    1. My pleasure. I would guess it’s beginning to get cold by you. I saw my first snow this season while on a short trip out west recently. Not sure if I’m ready for it here. (NJ) M -:)

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