Yes, It’s New Jersey: Surfing Sea Gulls and Other Talent

Whenever I get the chance, I walk beaches looking for interesting shells, sand patterns, birds, … Last fall, just a week before Superstorm Sandy, I came across a number of Sea Gulls acting unusual.  They clearly were frolicking and playing with no abandonment, letting their guard down, unaware I was spying. They should have been seriously scavenging, or fishing or what-ever they’re supposed to be doing.

In particular, I saw two of these Herring Gulls – one surfing (waiting for the perfect wave,) and the other …shadow playing (like a care-free child!) To avoid embarrassing them, I did not reveal my presence. But, later I wondered  if they knew the big storm was on its way and, (expecting the end of the world,) figured…”what the hell!”

These 7 images are from New Jersey’s Awesome Island Beach State Park.

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Above:    Waiting for the perfect wave.

Image Above:   ” Whoooo! There it is, Kowabunga!” Image Above:     “Oh yeah! ready, ready…. here it comes…” Image Above:    “Awww,” (or is it “Cawww!”) “Give me a break! That was nothin’.” Image Above: (Gull # 2) “Doe de doe de doe, Look, I’m a Bald Eagle!” Image Above:   “And you thought the Aflac Duck was talented!”

6 thoughts on “Yes, It’s New Jersey: Surfing Sea Gulls and Other Talent

  1. Thanks so much for liking my post on Tide Line Still Life so often. I really enjoy it! Now, as a New Jersey native, may I implore you to return to our shore, Post Sandy? We are still here, beaches are beautiful . . . And the gulls still comical!
    Really, though, I genuinely appreciate your visits to my blog.

    1. Your images are wonderful, and I agree on your way of leaving the subjects natural, just as they are, as that in itself is the canvas, a part of the allure. Eventually I’ll be sharing some of my captures as well, from here and there, as there are few better places to enjoy than the shorelines. M

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