Golf at Midnight? Almost!

From our smart-phones, tablets, computers and other such devices, we can now see and read anybody’s posts from around the world in virtually real time, including this. My awareness of the shape and size of our global home has been enhanced with this very inexpensive and seemingly infinite media, as local times and seasons are so varied. 

Yesterday was the first day of Summer here in the US East Coast,  but of course the first day of Winter along  the Australian East Coast, where I follow several photo-bloggers. In Scandinavia, a few more whom I follow, are, or close to,  experiencing the midnight sun.

Just about this date, a few years back, we were almost giddy while playing golf at 11:00 PM, with native jack-rabbits watching on a wonderful course just outside Denali National Park, Alaska. Of course the beverage provided by the eager and smiling grounds keeper had nothing to do with that, but, the uniqueness of just being there; the snow-capped mountains, the pale natural lighting, and playing with great NJ friends near midnight… did!




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