The Great American Road Trip

Dawn on Rt. 66, the Texas Panhandle – Heading West


Quite some time ago, or maybe it was a long time ago, a friend and I decided to take a road trip, and with little planning left North Jersey in a 2 seat MGB Roadster with a yearning to see the country and verify visions of California Dreaming in our minds. It was before the Interstate Road system was well established, the Eisenhower-era mandate was in the infancy of forever changing the landscape of America; but it also was a time when most of the states were then accessible by paved roads. Think Rt. 66!

We were just barely old enough to drive, and summer jobs provided just enough spending cash to make it happen, although there was little excess for the luxuries, like motels. The road would provide the barest of sleeping amenities, and only basic eating opportunities, with then a rare “McDonald’s” saved for only “special” meals. 

Part One of this personally iconic journey will be posted shortly –  a retrospective of heading west towards the awakening of our travel spirit, and the quest for seeing what lies around the next bend. 

Link to Prelude and beginning of series

Pondering the Common Gull – Another Thought

It’s  interesting that  this common herring gull, can fly and soar like he owns the sky; swim so well he’s virtually unsinkable; and – as seen here, walk along and enjoy the sand and surf beneath his webby little feet as well as any of us (except for the webby little feet part of course!) 

     I can’t fly, can’t swim too well…. but at least can share this guy’s interest in a leisurely walk by the edge of the sea.                      Island Beach State Park, NJ

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