Sea Gulls Party – An Autumnal Crab-Fest on the Dunes

Last week, I came across the after spoils of an apparent Autumnal Crab-Fest on one of New Jersey’s pristine barrier islands. All was warm and tranquil this mid-day,  the gulls  recuperating  elsewhere,  but the colors of the scrub brush foretell the advancing season,  assuring that the chill of winter lies ahead.

Scroll down, and click or finger stretch for full resolution images





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8 Responses to Sea Gulls Party – An Autumnal Crab-Fest on the Dunes

  1. I particularly like the perspective and clarity of the shells in the top and bottom photos.


  2. Rich Poplaski says:

    …and the moral of the story is – don’t be crabby or you’ll get what you deserve!



  3. mvschulze says:

    Thanks, R. I think the gulls are jealous of the seasonal chowder-fests we all enjoy, so they “pick” on the crabs! 🙂


  4. Maggie Beck says:

    The contrast between the sand the impossibly blue sky is remarkable. Lovely!


    • mvschulze says:

      Thanks, Maggie. In that particular capture, I had the camera on (or very close to) the sand, and the dune was slopping up, giving a deeper blue to the very beautiful skies that day. As per your lead, I was trying not to be disruptive to the not only the scene, but the dune as well. M


  5. Sartenada says:

    Wow. The second photo from the top is my favorite.


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