7 thoughts on “January

    1. I hear the weather over there is really crazy! It seems like you’ve had everything the last couple of months. We’re on a roller coaster right now: 0F Saturday, 54 deg now, and 0 expected by tomorrow AM – a Polar Vortex! M

      1. Yes, it is unbelievable, and still more storms due in tonight, as if it wasn’t bad enough. High tides, strong winds and heavy rain, the worst for 20 years. The roads around us here in Somerset are flooded constantly but we are ok at our home, although so awful for those whose homes are flooded.
        We are hearing about the terrible cold, the Polar Vortex, over there too. I spoke to my friend in California today and she said it’s 70F and no rain all season so the hills are as brown as in the summer! Very, very crazy.
        Keep warm and safe Marty 🙂

  1. Beautiful shots! Be warm if you are still in NY, when the snow is measured in feet instead of inches that’s a storm. I hear Rochester is getting 4 feet+ 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ed. We are in fact in NJ,(currently in Ocean County at the shore.) very concerned about freezing pipes this morning as the temp hit 2 deg, winds of 40 mph (wind chills around -20 at times.) Pipes survived, but it remains really frigid today. M 🙂

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