Whose Street Is This Anyway?

I decided it was NOT the time to walk my small dog this one cold morning when I realized our street was being re-claimed by a marauding gang of large mammals, bent on no good.


You can clearly see the intentions of the callous leader above, his devilish self-confident air, just looking for trouble.

Stay close, we’re taking our land back..”

As his harem bunched up clumsily behind, he paused for a threatening garbage can.


But undeterred, the herd gallantly push ahead, tails waving excitedly in the air, bound to wreak havoc on anyone or anything that got in their way!


22 thoughts on “Whose Street Is This Anyway?

  1. Note: Apparently this post was taken down suddenly, and at this time is the problem has been traced to a herd of deer blocking some of the entrance lanes of the information super highway to my house. But I thank Bob B and Charonne T, Gina B and others for their Facebook comments. M


  2. Maggie Beck

    What fun! You have your deer, we have a fairly large flock of wild turkeys here. Very intimidating, and they know it. And no – they are too big for an oven!


  3. Love this Marty! I love snow and I love deer so you have a winner here for me! The storms have died down here in the UK but still grey and murky. I wish we could have a decent winter 🙂


  4. Not Australia ! I am in the UK and the whole country has been sinking in rain and river water and we are still seeing boats floating along the streets here in some places which is very unusual. 🙂


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