“Here Comes the Sun”


Many years ago, I spent idle time at work, figuring where one would have to be to see the sun rise directly behind the Empire State Building. This morning, I braved the 14 deg, weather, ice and snow to do it again. I missed. 

The quarter-mile path to the exact spot was choked with snow and closed. 

However, below is the original, a little lacking in sharpness as I shot through a monocular back in the (gulp!) seventies!


With yet another snow storm due tomorrow night, I think I’ll wait for next year to try again.

Images from Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, New Jersey

16 thoughts on ““Here Comes the Sun”

    1. Actually, a few subsequent images I took shows it sliding to the right as you suggested, putting it pretty much on target. We had a lot of fun with geodetic survey charts, a little trig.; elevation charts, and time-tables way back then. Thankfully I had an interested and helpful mentor at work! 🙂

    1. Thanks, and yes we are. Meanwhile I understand Great Britain is getting flooded again, and it’s been really hot down under in SE Australia. I think we all need some moderation:-)

  1. I do really like these photos Marty but sorry you couldn’t get the shot you wanted. Hope the snow storm isn’t too bad. We are still flooded out here in the UK, rain, rain and more rain. California has had a drought but rain now I believe. This crazy weather 😉

  2. So is the exact date when the sun rises significant enough for future archaeologists to postulate why we built it in that exact spot or will the date the sun rises behind it from your vantage point just leave them scratching their heads? 🙂
    Reminds me of a homework assignment my oldest son had once – they were supposed to write an archaeological report describing a given item and list ideas of it’s spiritual/ritual significance to our long gone culture – the item he was assigned was a bathtub – – 🙂

    1. They probably will scratch their cerebral chip-set, and conjure up the future version of Wikipedia – biological implant version! All the fun will be gone! I like the bathtub assignment. 🙂

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