ROMANCING THE… SNOW – Travel Theme: Romance

Cold, disruptive, slippery, dangerous and beautifully romantic! That’s how I “Picture” this exceptional winter’s snow and ice storms. Part one (of two) is here: “The icing on the snow,” (storm # 11, but who’s counting anymore!)


Above: A thick layer of ice coated one of the accumulating snow storms providing this glossy coating, as seen from Eagle Rock Reservation, East Orange, New Jersey. NYC is in view, about 13 miles (21 Km) to the east.

Below: 9/11 loved ones, are wonderfully remembered by this memorial. 


Below: Snow and ice coated benches always present themselves well in the cold sunny days after a storm, and icicles confirm the brutal temperatures.Image



Below: Sandy Paws the dog is easily supported by the crusted snow, and a slight glimmer of spring to come is captured in the Rhododendron’s bud.Image


Alisa’s Travel Theme this week is “Romance.”

13 thoughts on “ROMANCING THE… SNOW – Travel Theme: Romance


    These pics look so good, Especially when you’re looking at them in a warm room on a computer screen! I guess one of those days your dog name could have been “Snowy Paws”


  2. Very nice winter photos. I had to keep checking back because I got the notice of this post a few days ago, but it was not here when I came to check, and I wanted to say how much I like these.

    1. Well…. We’re really getting impatient for relief, and we (with Sandy Paws) are thinking of “motoring” south for a spell, to escape this recurrent arctic vortex! 🙂

  3. Maggie, we drove to the shore yesterday where there actually is no accumulation, and …. did in fact miss the appreciation you speak of. Particularly this year, with the frequency of snow cover being “refreshed,” it has looked a lot whiter, and cleaner longer than usual – not to mention the benefit of exercise of shoveling!!! As someone mentioned, a love/hate relationship! M

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