1500 Miles (2414 km) to “Summer”

Recently in these posts, Sandy Paw’s paws were seen freezing in the icy cold of North Jersey’s winter.    She was sad!Image

So, after a haircut, we drove her 1500 miles (2414 km,) over three days to South Florida, out of reach of yet another winter storm.  She was patient…


pleased with over-night accommodations…


basked in the first warm sunny food stop…


felt revitalized when first dining at waterside restaurants…


and happy as a flying eared puppy when she reached the beaches of Bonita Springs, Florida – with summer-like temperatures and plenty of sunshine!


Be sure to see her fleeting encounter with puppy-love along the Florida gulf coast, and other discoveries, as her vacation continues…  in my next post!

Click on images for full resolution; thanks for viewing; and comments are always encouraged. 

17 thoughts on “1500 Miles (2414 km) to “Summer”

  1. Nice. We just came back from Navarre Florida . . . although during that time temperatures were actually lower than my home in Colorado (it’s supposed to hit 70 today, and snow tomorrow – crazy weather) . . . Florida was still nice, though, and no snow.

  2. Occasionally, like a little while ago, I get a notice of a new post, but when I click on the link, I get an error, and there is no such post on the site.

    . . . I presume it’s a premature posting you almost immediately erase, or is it some other glitch?

  3. WP and I are having logistical issues. I write, I edit, I publish. Occasionally error messages like today seem to occur without cause. I get un-happy. It should not be so unpredictable. And yes I do try to stop the false posts to save potential readers aggravation. Any suggestions? I’d rather be spending the time reading your posts!

    1. Sorry . . . WP and I have our own issues.

      The only way I know of getting a ‘page not found’ error is to change the link after it is published. If you are not doing that, then I don’t know what else might be causing it.

      However, contacting them has always gotten me answers, and usually pretty fast (within a day). They will want a detailed explanation of the problem, and if possible an example.

        1. I’ve had two instances of a notice received without a corresponding page. The first one eventually showed up, hence why I thought you posted it, and then deleted it.

          I’m still waiting for the other one (Dreaming of Things to Come).

          Be aware that I’ve already read it. Your settings are such that they send out the whole post, including photos, with the notice.

          I typically limit the notices since some of my posts are so long. Also, when people can read them on their e-mails, they often don’t bother coming to the site.

          1. I’m thinking of creating a separate WP address for testing/verification purposes. Could probably resolve some issues silently in the background.

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