Dreaming of Things to Come…

OK, we’re a bit tired of winter’s black and white, and now dirty gray. Our recent Florida escape just made us more eager to smell the flowers, and roses and freshness of nature.

Last summer… we had the extreme satisfaction of doing just that, at the Biltmore Estate, where among its grandeur, – multiple gardens stretch the envelope of sensuous satisfaction for that very desire we all crave,* particularly after an especially harsh winter (*…except maybe those with allergies!) 

Here are some images from within its Italian Garden.


ImageImageImageContaining three ponds, and situated just left and in front of the main mansion, one can’t help but be mesmerized by the astonishing colors and delicate forms in and around the aqueous habitats.

ImageSituated on 120,000 acres, there are remarkable gardens, specifically engineered forests, ponds and features all accessible by walking trails, and maintained to the ideals set in the late 1800’s by world-famous designer Frederick Law Olmsted (think NYC’s “Central Park.”) There is also a world-class winery for tasting and exploration, and tours of the estates themselves.

ImageThe Biltmore Estate and Gardens is located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, near Asheville, North Carolina.


Click on the images for full resolution, and as usual, comments are always encouraged. 

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11 thoughts on “Dreaming of Things to Come…

  1. Hey! . . . it’s up an visible. I’ve been checking every few days, waiting for it to show up.

    I’ve seen a few blogs that showcase the building, but I like the perspective from the grounds, and from the water features.

    Very nice.

  2. Beautiful photos these Marty, what a gorgeous splash of colour to brighten up any grey, cold day. Especially love the close ups of the Lilly pads. Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing the spectacular Biltmore Estate with us, would love to visit one of these days… 😉

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