Forgotten Roads and Rusting Guardians

Still common in many rural areas, cable and concrete (or wood) posts were the savior of countless vehicles headed for trees and ditches in early and mid 20th Century America.


Designed to spread the impact forces over the long length of the cables, they reduced injury and saved lives as the cables “gave” and absorbed energy in their stretching and end anchoring systems.



Recently, I came across these two vestiges in Bergen County, New Jersey, still intact along side their abandoned roads. The first, above, was Fort Lee Road, formerly a minor artery across the Overpeck Meadowlands, just west of the George Washington Bridge. It was displaced by Interstate 95/80 nearly 50 years ago.  

Below is old US Rt. 9W now a walking trail in the State Line Lookout area of Alpine, New Jersey, formerly the only road along the top of the Palisades overlooking the Hudson River, replaced by the current Palisades Interstate Parkway some 60 years ago.



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6 thoughts on “Forgotten Roads and Rusting Guardians

    1. What adds yet another dimension, Sherri, is that I remember both these roads when they were “current.” The first was the way from our house to the “bridge” (George Washington Bridge, to the city,) my father, of course, driving the family car. 🙂


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