17 thoughts on “George Washington Bridge – A Brief Photo Essay

    1. Probably the best is the Fort Lee Historic Park parking lot, just south of the bridge on Hudson River Terrace (Main Street.) But I’ve also parked on Hudson River Terrace, just north of the bridge, without any issues. M

  1. What a wonderful photo essay! Funny, I do my very best to avoid the GW when I drive to visit our daughter in Connecticut. Now, though, I will need to rethink my routing. Your photos cast a spotlight on all things beautiful and positively regal about the GW. I really appreciate seeing them. And wait . . . There’s a lighthouse!?!

    1. Thanks, Maggie. Fort Lee Historic Park is located adjacent, south of the bridge and provides exceptional views. The last exit in NJ, before the bridge will get your there. And “The Little Red Lighthouse, and The Great Gray Bridge” is a wonderful children’s book, actually originally published in 1942, and updated recently. M 🙂

    1. Thanks S. For some years after 9//11 it was illegal to photograph the bridge from a security standpoint. I had some pics but held them private. Thankfully, the mandate was reversed a while back. It’s a remarkable subject! M

    1. Thanks A. Nonymous. Kind of an erronous re-post, originallly published last year. But sometimes I just have to THINK of Facebook and they throw things back on. No problem there! Was writting about the “Bridge” in yesterday post (A Night To Remember) and Facebook linked it around and throughout cyberspace. M 🙂

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