OSPREY PAIR on Barnegat Bay


Yesterday I watched these recently arrived raptors comfortably settling in on top of a nesting platform erected only weeks ago under the auspices of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey and NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. The female (note darker breast coloring,) helps decorate with the sticks and twigs her mate brings over during the move-in stage, and she will eventually sit on the eggs as he guards and provides fresh fish daily.


 In the above image, Barnegat Lighthouse is a few miles beyond.


Note the painted aluminum “predator Guard” on the post, primarily designed to keep raccoons from climbing to the nest. 


Osprey are persnickety, in that if unduly disturbed while selecting a breeding home, they will leave. Viewing needs to be from a respectable distance. 

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5 thoughts on “OSPREY PAIR on Barnegat Bay

    1. Thanks, Christine. DDT, (Pesticide,) and human population growth reduced nests by about 90% along the Jersey shore by 1974. With subsequent banning of DDT, and implementation of the man-made nest project, we’re back to near 500 nesting pairs of happy Osprey families. M


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