9 thoughts on “Venus, Jupiter and the Flagpole

    1. Thanks. I like viewing things with perspective. Envisioning what we are really seeing: these two planets, for instance, spatially out there, in 3-D so to speak. IN this image, Jupiter is so much further than Venus, and of course both are so far from us (the flagpole!) You can “see” this depth if you realize, and adapt this perception. M

    1. Yeah, for me it was up at 5:00 AM, fumbling, half asleep with camera, tripod, binoculars…dealing with a dead battery, all before the twilight took over. But the clear skies made it rewarding! Thanks for the comment. M

    1. Thanks Maggie. Back on July 4th, while watching fireworks, there was a remarkable conjunction of Mars and the moon, and during the evening you could see the relative position of the two change. Back in my younger days, I watched while the moon “occulted” (passed in front of) Saturn (through a telescope.) It was surreal! What wonders we have above us! M 🙂

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