Bald Eagle Talent Contest – Oct. 9th, 2014

A few days ago, a pair of bald eagles appeared in one of the recently vacated osprey nests on the edge of Barnegat Bay, (Ocean County) New Jersey.  As seen from a few hundred yards offshore, they apparently were playing ‘one up-manship,’ although I have no idea of what their gender was. (?!) For the captions, the “wife” is initially in the nest, with the “husband” on the perch. 

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This post contains 18 relatively hi res images, so you can click or finger stretch to see better, or if short on time, simply browse the images. 

2014-10-09 at 08-34-16
Wife:   “I stand in this nest facing south”
2014-10-09 at 08-34-39
W:   “And now, I’m facing north!”                         Husband:   “Boring!”
2014-10-09 at 08-42-55
W:   “And, Now, I’m facing west!!!”                  H:   “Whooo! Soo talented!!! Now, WATCH THIS….”
2014-10-09 at 08-42-56
                                                                           Wife:   “Ahhhhhh! ”                    “H:   “BOO!”                                                          
2014-10-09 at 08-42-57
H:   “First Step – ‘Walk this Way!’ “
2014-10-09 at 08-42-58
H:   “Second Step – ‘Ready for Liftoff!’ “
2014-10-09 at 08-42-59
H:   “Third Step – ‘Ahhh such form…!’ “
2014-10-09 at 08-42-59 (1)
H:   “Fourth Step –  ‘Touchdown with style!’ ”                    W:   “Jerk!”
2014-10-09 at 08-43-01
H:   “What did you say?”
2014-10-09 at 08-43-03
H:   “Like, you could do it BETTER?????”
2014-10-09 at 08-43-16
W:   “You’re an idiot!”
2014-10-09 at 08-43-32
                                                    H:   (Shocked!!!)           W:   (Looks away, unapologetically.)                                                                                                                                                              
2014-10-09 at 08-44-38
W:   (Planning her  response….)
2014-10-09 at 08-44-43
W:   “With graceful agility, I gently levitate.”
2014-10-09 at 08-45-06
             H:   (He looks away, pretends not to see.)          W:   “Yes, I NAILED IT!!
2014-10-09 at 08-45-44
      H:   “Hmmph! ”        W:   (Takes a bow!)
2014-10-09 at 08-45-29
W:   (With the antics of the morning over…)   “…Who’s that guy out there in the boat?”

16 thoughts on “Bald Eagle Talent Contest – Oct. 9th, 2014

    1. Id like to believe I’ve recently learned the eagle sign, mannerism and verbal language (?) but there is a incredible “bird-linguist” and conservationist, (Thats not a typo, I mean like in the NJ Conserve Wildlife Organization) who has covered the area shore birds remarkably in his site: M 🙂

  1. Love your captions!! What a wonderful find. I’ve seen them close up at rescue meetings but yet to see one in nature. They are just beautiful and I was amazed how big they are the first time I saw one.

    1. Thanks. Right spot, right subjects – a lot of good luck. It’s funny, I almost believe the captions I hear in my head. The patient, non-chalant expression of the “wife,” after the “husband” ‘tries to scare her, and he gallantly walks over and flies up to the left perch – is absolutly precious. M 🙂

  2. Great photos of our Eagles antics
    Saw your post on exit63. Jim V is a
    super wild life photographer
    that I have followed
    for a very long time.
    Glad to have found another gifted
    lover of our birds.

  3. Thanks Grandby2, and thanks for viewing. I agree, Jim’s photographs are remarkable, almost without exception. He certainly is an inspiration for those always trying to reach the capture bar. M 🙂

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