Keeping An Eye On The Weather – Two, A Birdseye!


DSC_0763 - Version 2Like a similar image posted last year, I believe this is a Northern Mockingbird (Not Woodpecker!!) , who apparently likes to ride on my weathervane.  Calling him “Klingon,” and wondering how he “gets a grip,” he brazenly sang a happy tune as he swung around, inspiring me to focus on his …sharp little claws. In fact, there is a small scratch on the surface,  just under his sharp little left, rear claw.

(Bottom image is enlarged from top)

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11 thoughts on “Keeping An Eye On The Weather – Two, A Birdseye!

    1. Absolutely right, EJ. Before posting last night, I asked a knowledgeable good friend and bird enthusiast about this, and he said “Northern Mockingbird.” Yours truly, Yo Yo here, wrote “woodpecker!” Walking the dog earlier today I thought about that and said (to the dog) “Ahhhh! What was I thinking!” (three syllables and three syllables??) Back to the computer… saw your comment…corrected the post, and a knock on my head for good measure. Thanks! And thanks also for the ID links! M 🙂

  1. Your wildlife photos are always a treat, M. We also have a resident mockingbird who happens to love singing through the night on the wire outside our bedroom window. Good thing he has a nice voice!

  2. My mom and dad lived at the same place for over 40 years – – – each year, they thrilled to the mockingbird who appeared each spring – – – he didn’t come the year Dad died (2008) – – BUT how thrilled Mom was when once more, his song was heard in the spring of 2012 – – 🙂 Yes, yes, who knows if one or any of them were the ‘same mockingbird’ – who knows what changes occurred for the absence, but still, hard to escape the emotional pull of the story – – 🙂

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