A Different Thanksgiving Bird – Addendum to yesterday’s post!

2014-10-19 at 14-49-59 (4)

Thanks to eagle-eyed “Disperser Tracks” for pointing out this find in my post of yesterday. The “little gray bird” he referred to in his comments (to which I initially called him “imaginative”) is easily visible as an artifact of the leaf above. Of note, the original image was takes from a distance of about 30 feet, a testament  to the reach of the telephoto lens. 

Thanks for viewing, and (clearly) comments are always welcomed. M 🙂

Misty Floridian Sunrise – Amelia Island

Off-line for about 2 weeks, (vacation, some minor unrelated surgery,) …now back  to share some images from a most impressive Atlantic Ocean seascape, danced with mist, choreographed by unusually cool temperatures over the warm waters of Florida’s North-East coast.

November 2nd, 2014

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