The Crowded Skies

2014-12-27 at 11-33-11
“Will you look at that!!!!”

A little before sunset last night, atmospheric conditions were  just right to reveal the many aircraft, likely full of holiday travelers, flying the skies west of coastal New Jersey. 

(This post contains 6 images taken just after 4:30 PM, 12/27/2014)

2014-12-27 at 11-33-58
Same area, panned to the left….
2014-12-27 at 11-33-30
Closer look near the horizon…
2014-12-27 at 11-33-45
Thirty or more separate contrails were visible
2014-12-27 at 11-36-26
Contrails like these are relatively high altitude

In the original image above, a lower “local,” aircraft is seen left of center, below the parallel contrails. Click to enlarge.

The above image also contains two nuclear power plants – The Sun, (92 mil. miles – 148 mil. km) and the Oyster Creek Generating Station a little closer, in New Jersey!

Thanks for viewing, and as usual comments are always welcome. M 🙂

9 thoughts on “The Crowded Skies

    1. P: Thanks for your comments tonight. The you-tube video appears credible, and potentially worrisome. If so, it should be akin to other potentially damaging practices to our fragile, and irreplaceable atmosphere. I would expect aircraft exhaust – the combustion of petroleum distillates and additives, to certainly contain some harmful contaminants. But gaining a little advantage, efficiency-wise, by inclusion of more harmful compounds in jet fuel (as implied in part of the video) at the expense of our precious planetary environment…, seems ludicrous. LEAD, and other harmful components were long ago removed from auto fuels under similar reasoning. (See an earlier post of mine showing the “Contains Lead” signs on old gas pumps… )
      My photos were a small sample of the sheer number of contrails (chemtrails) in our skies. If they were as visible every day – and in such volume as they were that evening (visibility being a factor of water vapor, temperature, winds aloft and lighting;) and… in fact are constantly showering our environment with additional harmful artifacts, I would think concern, and pressure for action would certainly be more ubiquitous.
      That evening, with conditions just right, at least 30% of the sky was obscured by jet exhaust. It’s ALWAYS there, but not always visible! If the video’s message is correct, we really owe it to ourselves, as humans, to pay attention, and heed the warnings.
      Thanks again…. M

      1. Sorry for creating such a commotion, but I was looking from my perspective (I would like if someone informed me of such interesting information)Because this indeed is alarming ,also would like to point out that my intent was not to open discussion in that way as Disperser did, but unfortunately all contra arguments that one can read on links he gave ,fall to water – when you investigate a bit deeper all the informations you can find just on internet if you are interested….such as : discussion in United Nations parliament where it is all clearly stated

    2. I hate to step into this, so I’ll only post a few links and go away. Of course, it won’t change any believer’s mind, but I feel compelled to at least point out some of the inconsistencies. MVSchulze, I apologise if you think I’m overstepping my bounds as guest, and you can certainly delete or not approve this comment.

      By the way, every statement on that video can be checked (despite the fact they provide no evidence or reference for their claims) independent of the following links . . . from chemical levels in soils to condensation trail behaviors, one can do one’s own research.

      One can also research the qualifications of the people speaking . . . having a title does not make them immune from delusions. Being a mathematician does not make you an expert on meteorological phenomena.

      Of course, the conspiracist will then claim all the other sources are in on the conspiracy, and only they have the truth. I hear the same arguments about god, but that’s another matter.

      Anyway, here goes . . .

      P.S. I’m unsubscribing from this post. I’m sure I will be accused of having a ‘closed mind’. Perhaps, but years or debating stupidity has left me pretty much with no reserves left. If the links (with hundreds of references) do not convince, nothing I can say will make one bit of difference . . . except I will likely end up further lowering my opinion of mankind (I’m always surprised there more room at the bottom, but I shouldn’t be).

      1. EJ, Thanks for your comment. I had not heard the term Chem-trail before this, and after reading some of your links, realize where some of the ludicrisians hang out. This conspiracy theory group are are in need of a little practicality 101. I owe it to myself to spare a minute on such references, and read up before blandly replying back to a comment. Unfortunatly, as you well know, there are an awful lot of these people amongst us who just seem to lack commmon sense. I found the Wikipedia refrences of much interest, giving me a better understanding of the mechanics of atmospheric conditions in regards to contrails. They do indeed, contribute to stunning sunsets as well!
        Regarding WordPress and their moderators, yes your post is in need of my “approval!” Whoo! There is no doubt it will get that shortly, but I also think “P’s” comment to mine was likely benign, as I believe he has never pushed any ‘conspiracy’ agendas. I like his unusual posts, photographing “somewhere on the island of Vis.” After a year or two, I have some knowledge for this Croation Island that I would not have known otherwise. M

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