Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge, Utah – Warm Thoughts on a Cold Day

Posting this in N.J. on a windy, cold day (wind chill: zero F  (-18 C))  brings these warmer images to mind, part of a southwest (U.S.) vacation some time ago when we rented a small boat and explored a number of the 190 spectacular winding sandstone canyons of  (man-made) Lake Powell, and swam in it’s deep blue waters.

83.004     8-8-95     Lake Powell, UT-AZ., Holly, Steve, Noodle in lake
The “noodle” was a good idea as the waters are over 500′ (152m) deep in places.


The entrance to Forbiding Canyon is some 60 statute miles (96 km) east of Wahweap Marina.  About five incredibly beautiful miles further, are the Rainbow Bridge boat docks.

83.013     8-8-95      Lake Powell, UT-AZ., Boat docks ar Rainbow Arch Marina
Small boats and houseboats provide the only reasonable access to Rainbow Bridge.


Just after approaching between towering cliffs, the natural sandstone arch, which IS Rainbow Bridge, can be seen here to the left.

83.009     8-8-95     Lake Powell, UT-AZ., Approaching Rainbow Arch
 Rainbow Bridge, 580′ (177m high, is one of the worlds largest natural  arches, basically inaccessible by car.


Once docked, there is a short but warm hike to the arch.

1995.08.08      090  S.W. Vac. Lake Powell, Utah, On short trail to Impressive Rainbow Bridge


Below: It’s awesome. Only after the Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1963, and the Colorado River flooded, was Rainbow Bridge accessible for most.

83.011     8-8-95     Lake Powell, UT-AZ., Rainbow Arch
Rainbow Bridge
1995.08.08      094  S.W. Vac. Lake Powell, Utah, Boat at Rainbow Bridge Dock and marina
our rental boat in the Rainbow Bridge dockage-area marina around 12 noon


Back in the boat, we headed out and had lunch in narrow seclusion among towering formations, affording shade from the hot sun.

83.018     8-8-95     Lake Powell, UT-AZ., The very hot sun, star filter, over rocks


Although we would boat about 140 miles round trip today (225 km,) we never tired of the remarkable scenery, allowing stops for exploring and swimming. 

1995.08.08      102  S.W. Vac. Lake Powell, Utah,

83.019     8-8-95     Lake Powell, UT-AZ., Holly and Steve swimming


House boats and other watercraft rentals are available throughout most of the year on Lake Powell, the “reservoir” located mostly just above the Arizona State line, as seen in the satelite photo and maps below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.34.06 PM
Forbidding Canyon. The main lake is above this section, out of the picture above; and Rainbow Bridge would be just out of the picture, below the dockage area at the lower right. This image is about 2.5 miles (4 km) wide.


Below, Lake Powell, from Google Maps. Wahweap to the left, Rainbow Bridge to the right.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.18.17 AM

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Assisi, Umbria Region, Italy… Lookback Snippets

Captured in Italy some time ago, a few images from Assisi, birthplace of the Francician Order…

4-3-11     Italy, Day 10, Montecatnin to Assisi to Rome (69)_edited-1
Pidgeon in a pidgeonhole overlooking the Umbria region surrounding Assisi, Italy
4-3-11     Italy, Day 10, Montecatnin to Assisi to Rome (54)_edited-1
Along “via S. Francesco”  
4-3-11     Italy, Day 10, Montecatnin to Assisi to Rome (67)
Franciscian Friars 
4-3-11     Italy, Day 10, Montecatnin to Assisi to Rome (38)_edited-1
13th century Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi with statue of Francis of Assisi, patron saint of “animals and environment,” co-founder of the Order of Franciscians
4-3-11     Italy, Day 10, Montecatnin to Assisi to Rome (53)_edited-1
Jeanne browsing along via S. Frsncesco. Note the brick cieling in this shop amongst the medieval alleys

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.39.25 PM

Posting snippets gives me an opportunity to explore some of our past experiences, images and places, in between more current travels and projects.

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Park Police Escort – The Dilemma of the Capture

This Post Contains Four Images

Two images captured of the New York skyline were featured on my previous post. To change perspective, I  drove closer to the George Washington Bridge, now 1/2 mile (.8 km) south, for this view from the edge of the Hudson River as twilight was approaching.


ABOVE, Left to right;                                                                                                     CitiCorp Center, 7.1 mi. (11.4 km,) Height 915′ (279 m) opened 1977

432 Park Residential Building, 6.9 mi. (11.1 km) – 1396′ (426 m); 2015

Chrysler Building, 7.6 mi. (12.2 km); 1046′ (319 m); 1930

Met Life Building (Pan Am), 7.1 mi. (11.9 km); 808′ (246 m); 1963  

Riverside Church, 3.3 mi. (5.3 km), 392′ (111 m); 1930 with Grant’s Tomb, 1897

Comcast (GE, 30 Rock, RCA) Building, 7.1 mi. (11.9 km); 850′ (260 m); 1933 (far right) 

North River Treatment Plant, 2.3 mi. (3.7  km); 1985 (on river)

George Washington Bridge, 0.5 mi. (0.8 km); road: 212′ above Hudson; 1931

To keep from dying (the wickedly cold wind chill was brutal,) I was now shooting from my car, with the telephoto extending out the window for support.  Since I thought no one else was in the area, I had driven off  the road to a snow covered grassy area near the water.

Busily shooting away, I didn’t notice the Palisades Interstate Park Police cruiser,  headlights on, approaching slowly from the road. It was now well after sunset, and the park was officially closed – a fact that had escaped me. For several reasons I was grateful for their leniency and appropriate scrutiny followed by a cordially-offered wave of approval. I’m sure the barrel of my lens pointed at the GWB could have been likened to something a little more threatening.

Giving me a few more minutes as the skyline grew increasingly more impressive, they eventully escorted me up to the top of the switchbacks where I drove to the Rockefeller Lookout, 2.3 miles further north and 400 feet (122 m) higher, on top of the cliffs. 


ABOVE: The GW bridge cable and roadway lights are now visible in the lower part of this image, as seen from on top of the Palisades.

731 Lexington, 9.0 mi (14.5 km) from lookout, 806′ (246 m);  1985, is lit on top.

Trump World Tower, 9.8 mi. (15.7 km); 861′ (262 m); 2001, at far left.

BELOW: Centered                                                                                                          Empire State Bldg., 10.2 miles (16.4 km)  from lookout, 1220′ (372 m); 1931        

One 57,  to it’s left, 9.0 mi. (14.5 km), 1005′ (306m); 2014

BOA Tower, right of Empire State Bldg. 9.7 mi. (15.6 km), 1046′ (319 m); 2007


BELOW: a wide shot (as my fingers turned to ice,) 

One World Trade Center -Freedom Tower, seen at the far right., 13.1 miles (21 km) from the Rockefeller Lookout, standing  1776 feet high (541 m), and listed as a 2014 completion. 


Click or stretch images to see at wonderfully higher resolution.

Acknowledgement  to Wikipedia for info and data

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A Winter’s Day…. Late-Day NYC View From the Frigid Englewood Boat Basin

Located aside the Hudson River, the Englewood Boat Basin is on the New Jersey side, a few miles north of the George Washington Bridge. 


The icy wind assured there would be no “old friends” on these park benches,


just  “cold as bones” trees silhouetted before the bridge, and Manhattan beyond.

More images shortly, as twilight and park police crept forth.

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