NYC’s Radio City Music Hall – The Best of the Best

This Post contains six images, all captured last night, April 18th, 2015

Short on time? Just browse the photos.


Jeanne and I had not been to this iconic 6000 seat theater in a while, but with the first clear, warm night of the season, we took the ferry across the Hudson, and enjoyed a remarkable “New York Spring Spectacular.”


The Rockerfeller Center, Radio City Music Hall is known for their precision and awesome dance troupe, the “Rockettes.” They… are backed by the best of the best orchestras, settings, special effects, technical wizardry and talent one could ever experience. 


Additionally, this production starred Derek Hough (left)and Laura Benanti (right) along with a steller supporting cast.


A sampling of the staging was this dance number, “Singing in the Rain” during which a torrential rain storm, complete with lightning and thunder, inundated the stage and actors.


Of course, no Radio City Music Spectacular would be complete without the high stepping Rockettes.


And, after the show, the Manhattan skyline from the ferry was the nightcap.

If you get a chance to visit NYC, you’ve got to see the Best of the Best, as found here, and in countless other productions on Broadway. We love it! 

Thanks for viewing, and comments are always welcome. M 🙂

11 thoughts on “NYC’s Radio City Music Hall – The Best of the Best

  1. Wonderful shots of an iconic location that I have never had the pleasure of visiting. I am amazed that you were able to get such clear and beautiful images of the production. Super job in evoking the beauty and energy of what looks to have been a magical evening.

    1. I usually carry my 18-270 lens on visits to the city, and at this venue they allow non flash photography during the performances. That is usually not the case in other theaters. Thanks for the comment, Mike M 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Great pictures as usual….glad they let you use your camera without the flash….dinner last nite was yummy😊

    1. EJ: I once drove a visitor from Perth Austrailia thru Times Square, (a business thing, he was briefly in the US for a meeting, and i was asked to show him around a bit.) Literally a hundred, maybe two hundred people crossed in front of my car while waiting for the light to change. He sat there with his jaw dropping! Yeah I see your view-point. If you don’t particularily like crowds, this is one of the place not to be, except for comparison. M 🙂

      1. MV, Growing up in the 1960’s, high school & college years, Radio City still had the tradition of a movie & a variety show, all for a low price, maybe a little more than a movie, but cheap!!! You had the movie & the Rockettes, maybe a juggling act, animal act, magician, acrobats… name it!!! It was great! Phil

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