PAIRS: Gulls, Planes and the Sea of Tranquility

This post contains three photos. Click on any… for a closer look.

I felt that tugging feeling…. that another post was due. So I “captured” these images a little before sunset tonight, Monday, April 27th 2015.

The plane was about 12,000 feet (3600m) probably heading to Kennedy Airport, NY. The moon was about 240,000 miles (386,000 km.) with the Sea of Tranquility being the darker plain in the center.
Gull landing on neighbors house
Gull landing on a neighbor’s house
Gull heading west with American Flad in foreground
Sea Gull heading west with the American Flag in foreground

🙂 This is my 101st post. 🙂

Thanks for viewing and for your support. As usual comments are always welcome. M 🙂

5 thoughts on “PAIRS: Gulls, Planes and the Sea of Tranquility

  1. I really like the plane/moon shot.

    A few days ago a squadron of eight helicopters flew in formation right in front of the moon. I knew I would not make it in time to grab my camera, so I just enjoyed the view . . . but I sure wish I could have captured it.

    1. Thanks. Last night, while walking the dog, I missed TWO direct oppertunitires (jets crossiing moon) which I’ve been anticipating for weeks. There is a flight path to Kennedy about twice the height of the shot above. A brief day or two each month it intersects with the near full moon just at twilight – excellent conditions when the weather it clear. Planes come in every 4 or 5 minutes, and the oppertunity lasts about 10 min as the moon ascends. It WAS cloudy just prior to that moment, but cleared just as I was a block away. Pow, two direct hits, me uttering a few 4 letter explicitives, as I pulled Sandy back to the house, and my camera… but to no avail, it was over. BUT stay tuned. I’m working on that shot! M 🙂

  2. MV, Great photos & congrats on your 101 post!!! Since Jan 2012 I’m up to maybe 75….I started once/week for the first year & then once/month & now once every other month! Must explore you more! Thanks for the “Like” & the comment on my latest post!!! Phil from

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