More Plane over the Moon stuff.

Unlike last month’s silhouette image of a jet in front of the moon, tonight’s was taken with the sun still illuminating the plane. DSC_0949

The result was pretty much what I was looking for, but… I like the first one better, as in it, the moon was not ‘reddened’ by the setting sun, making the jet black plane a bit more dramatic. Note the exhaust blurring the lunar edge in the above image. 

Click on (or stretch) for a closer look, and, thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome. M 🙂

11 thoughts on “More Plane over the Moon stuff.

    1. Seriously, neat shot. I’d like to learn the settings for the photo (zoom, ISO, shutter speed, f-stop, etc.)

      Not that I’m likely to have the chance, but if I do, I don’t want to waste time fiddling with the settings.

      1. EJ:
        Pre-event test imaging is essencial – particularly properly exposed lunar images. The silhouette image was after dark, with an EV of -3.3 for proper exposure. I find manual focus better, based on pre-focusing on either the moon, or the plane; in these images the planes were far enough away (maybe 5 to 10 miles) to nearly = the lunar focus.(at or near infinity).
        A long lens is also essential, with IS, and preferably continous servo.
        And in my case, predictability, as discussed before, (high altitude, busy flight path to Kennedy Airport (55 miles away) that the moon intersects over a 5 or 10 minute span every a few times a month.
        Nikon 5200
        Silhoutte: IS0 1000, 550mm, -3.22 EV, f 6.3, 1/800, slightly cropped
        Pre sunset: ISO 640, 600mm, -1 EV, f 6.3, 1/1250,slightly cropped
        M 🙂

    1. Thanks, Matthew. I’ve tried for some “keepers” for a long time, with little success. Today, digital, “instant review” photography certainly helps, (trial and error exposure for every situation,) as does a reasonable lens aperture, image stabilization, and auto-predictive focusing – although I still prefer manual focus based on pre-event testing.
      Also, after realizing the frequency and predictability of lunar transits by flight paths in this area, the timing became simpler. With all that said, I still seem to manage an audible yelp, every time I know I GOT IT! (Drives my wife crazy!)

    1. Thanks, Gavin. I think no matter where we are, there’s always a world of opportunity. Lacey Township is certainly no exception, especially being along the shore. M 🙂

  1. Thanks. A point I find of interest in my pondering and perspective, is the similarity of the moon’s phase in this image, to the earth in the heading banner. Perhaps, someday in the not too distant future, someone will capture a lunar landing shuttle passing in front ot the Earth. M 🙂

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