The Squirrel and The Chipmunk – Our Back Yard

 Seasonal nut and berry gathering is underway

Finally, nobody’s here. I’m underpaid and starved.
I’m eating. Muk muk, yum yum!
YIKES! It’s that annoying CAMERA GUY!
I’m Outa Here! Whoosh!
Squirrels! HUMPH! No talent. I can carry TWO acorns at a time!
Oops, It’s Camera Guy. Scurry and Bury Time.
OK, Acorns buried. I’ll just HIDE here till he GOES AWAY!      Like I have all day!….

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Abstract Creation nets Millions for Obscure Photographer


Lunar Plane

Always be skeptical for anything you see or read on the internet.

Last month I “took” the above, realizing seconds before, a plane was about to cross in front of the totally eclipsed moon. Having camera off mount, and scrambling for a combination of  improbable shutter speeds and exposures, the above result  later struck me as …interesting.

 Speaking of interesting, you can  purchase this masterpiece by contacting me anytime at 1-800-money$$

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Walking Stick, “It’s ALIVE!”

CA pfleg 4-18-76 006 1

…One of the more remarkable insects to be found, (and it’s hard to see them among the twigs,) this “thing” needed a double take for me to realize what it was, as it adorned the side of our house. Some Phasmatodea (try to pronounce that, not to mention type it correctly!)  can change color to match their surroundings. 

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