Exploring Eastern Utah – “Adventures Club” (Prelude)

Last week, in just four days between Thursday and Sunday,  our son, daughter, and her 7 year old son, and I, absorbed a bucketlist worth of memories in remarkably phenomenal Utah, USA.  

Landscape Arch, in Arches National Park, is the second longest natural arch in the world, with a span of 290 ft. (88m.) (Image taken 11/6/15)
Meandering through the twists and turns of isolated Moqui Canyon (Lake Powell) in a small rental boat was amazing at this time of year. (11/8/15)
We beached the boat and explored for a while at the end of some of the bends, with  cliffs towering several hundred feet above. (11/8/15)

Arches and Canyonland  National Parks; Natural Bridges National Monument; Glen Canyon/Lake Powell National Recreation Areas; Great Salt Lake; Salt Lake City; Park City; Green River; Sundance; Moab; Bullfrog.

Milege Statistics:

Air, 4000; Car, 1100; Boat, 20; Hiking, 21

As soon an I get my breath, and organize the image bounty, I’ll be posting some additional highlights.

Click on the pictures for the benifit of higher resolution, and as usual, thanks for viewing. M 🙂

5 thoughts on “Exploring Eastern Utah – “Adventures Club” (Prelude)

    1. Oddly, the images seem to open up well on my smartphone, but as you noted, not on the computer. Not sure of the reason yet, but I’ll “resolve” it (no pun intentionally intended!) with upcoming posts. In this submission, I accidently hit “publish” way before I was ready – which caused some scrambling for post publishing editing, (like proof-reading and details,) but I don’t immediatly see a connection between that and the resolution issue. Thanks for the comment. Am enjoying your Barcolona posts. M


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