UTAH: Great Salt Lake and Wasatch Mts – Day One


My previous post was a prelude to this short series highlighting our recent four day adventure to Utah. Along with my son, daughter and seven year old grandson, we would experience a memorable, whirlwind adventure.

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My daughter, and grandson on the edge of the Great Salt Lake. She tasted and confirmed the water was indeed… SALTY. The 1700 sq. mile (4400 sq. km) lake is relatively shallow and fish-less. This lookout is from the marina just west of the city. (1:50 PM)
Passing through Salt Lake City, the pretty Wasatch Mountains dominate the cloud laden South East. We were  heading to Park City. (2:15 PM)
IMG_2310 - Version 2
Park City is a major winter skiing resort and summertime hiking hub.  (3:10 PM)



The entire network of ski trails are now accessible right from downtown. This being the “shoulder” season between summer and winter, it’s open for hikers. The first snow of the season is visible on the grass.    (3:17 PM)
The Wastach Mountains, near Sundance, Utah (4:37 PM)
A  short distance up a winding alpine road, (Rt. 92,) is the trail head for 11,752 ft. (3580 m.) Mt Timpanogos, a spectacular but difficult 14 mile (22 km) RT climb which I had partially explored and nearly froze on, some years earlier. (5:09 PM)
The Little Provo River winds through Robert Redford’s charming and impressive lodge in Sundance. It was a little after local sunset. (5:28 PM)
Warming by the open fire-pit, we would shortly relax with dinner in the lodge and continue another 2 1/2 hours to Moab for the night. 


Day two will follow shortly.

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  1. I don’t know if you follow https://seekraz.wordpress.com/, but if you go to the bottom of his page you can find tags for all his post during the time he lived in Arizona and hiked those mountains.

    For example: https://seekraz.wordpress.com/tag/wasatch-mountains/

    By the way, the click on the image option is not working. WordPress occasionally drops all the links (something I’ve complained for years as I often have to relink up to 70-100 photos). When it happens, you have to go in and update them. Regardless, nice photos, especially that of the stream (can’t really call it a river).

    1. Checked the links you recommended and am now following. Thanks for that. I’m perplexed as to the sudden loss of zoom capability in the images. That is a favorite feature, enhancing the image presentations. Previous post prior to my 11/12 post were and are OK in this respect. (Our friend Crowcanyonjournal alerted me to the problem then.) So what are my options? In your experience, is there a help email for live contact at wordpress? In your comment, are you suggesting that simply reposting the images might correct this? Working with WordPress has never been particularly WYSIWYG friendly. I’ve often had to create my own set of procedures to achieve the a desired result, many times tediously time consuming. And finally, yes… I agree about the stream named “river” as it certainly is a stream. None the less, it’s actual name is “North Fork Provo River!” M 🙂

    2. So, when you add a photo to the Media Library it is automatically linked to the actual photo (meaning, clicking on it will open the original).

      Sometimes WordPress loses those links, but they are not really lost; the option just gets deselected and you need to select it again.

      It’s tedious to fix, but if you click on a photo while editing a post, a menu should pop up, and one of the graphics of the menu is a pencil. Click that and a dialogue box will open. One of the options is “Link To” and most likely it’s set to “none”. (I’m describing what happens in the original editor; I don’t use the new editor)

      There is a drop down arrow next to the “none” and if you click that you get options for the link, and one of them is “Media File”. Click that, and then close the dialog box. Clicking on the picture should now open the original file. BTW, in that dialog box there is also the option to open in a new tab (my preferred choice).

      Like I said, usually the link to Media is the default, and only occasionally messes up.

      1. Reply 2, (8:55 AM EDT Thanksgiving Day) UPDATE, After a long, frustrating night, I finally have a line on getting zoomable images into new posts. Edit and re-use previous posts with new content, assuring use of the original editor. I suspect the new editor was the problem…. but, time will tell. Your “link to” suggestion was correct, (thank you) but the option does not seem to be available in the new editor. M 🙂

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