Monster Blizzard of 2016 – Images from the Day After

Snow, reaching depths of thirty inches (76 cm) or more was the product of this week-end’s winter storm. Driven for most of 24 hours by powerful north-east winds with the help of an astronomical full moon, disruption and damage was widespread and several major north-east cities were brought to a standstill. 

OK. Alright. Here’s my brief, photographic take on all this mayhem… from the Jersey Shore.






As usual, click on images to for higher resolution; and thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome.  M 🙂 

9 thoughts on “Monster Blizzard of 2016 – Images from the Day After

    1. We were good. No damage, but a lot of wind, plenty of snow, some mixing with rain along the coast which iced and stressed utility lines and trees. At our location, power was out for a few hours, but all in all we were fortunate. Some flooding and ocean beach erosion occured in areas on the immediate coast but generally far less overall damage than Superstorm Sandy, three years ago. Thanks. M

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    1. Actrually, this winter will probably go down as one of the warmest ever here. Snowfall has been very limited – except for this one big storm. PS My wife and myself are planning a visit to Clinton in the near future, based on YOUR take. Interesting… we’ve been here all our lives, and learn of it’s charm from “down under!” M 🙂

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