Sunrise and Empire State Building – 2016


6:52 AM EST. A closer look (click on for detail) reveals the red beacon light on top of the Empire State Building’s antenna

This morning’s sunrise had to wait a bit due to a deck of clouds on the eastern horizon. But continuing my quest to capture the sun behind New York City’s iconic Empire State Building,  proved rewarding, with some interesting shots. 


(Above) 6:56 AM – Bingo! Sliding to the right, the sun is seen here directly above the building’s spire, originally designed as a mooring for dirigibles!  


6:58 AM. Note the shadows cast across the New Jersey meadowlands.

All these images were taken 13.8 miles NW of the building, with frozen fingers! 

For previous  information on this pursuit, see here

As usual, click on the images for a closer look, and thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome. M 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sunrise and Empire State Building – 2016

  1. Wow . . . nice shots.

    All the more impressive that they are taken with frozen fingers. I use a camera to take photos. Not sure I would want to freeze my fingers, and besides, mine don’t have lenses or memory slots.

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