12 thoughts on “4th of July, 2016….Yes, it’s Cactus in New Jersey

      1. That’s what happened here, though there is a mini-scandal here because the PBS broadcast footage from a previous year’s fireworks and wasn’t very up front about it.

  1. OOOHHH! Beautiful! And in New Jersey, to boot! 🙂 Didn’t realize cactus could tolerate the humidity in that area of the world I refer to, “East of the Mississippi – it’s a whole new world …” LOL – Sigh, so much to learn, so little time – 🙂

    1. Thanks, and your note about humidity is likely a clue, as they are thriving in rock garden under an ornamental Japanese Maple. It remains dry under their, both from the mimimal soil and low morning moisture under the tree. Marty

    1. As replied above, it seems the dry, shady location is a favorable condition for them to thrive here and pretty they are for about two weeks a year. M:-)

      1. I’m sure there are some cacti gardens here and there, but none that I can particularily recall anywhere nearby. They were here, under that then small Japanese maple when we bought this house down the shore about 15 years ago – although only taking up a small patch. Now as the tree has grown to a round 12′ foliage circumference, the Cacti cover about 12 sq. ft. under the dense globe-like foliage.Our soil right there is sand, covered by ~3 to 5″ stones, and therefore mostly dry. A glimpse near that spot from another persepective (w/o the cacti,) can be seen in this 2013 post, one of my first: http://wp.me/p37YEI-ap M 🙂

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