Lucy, the Inhabitable Elephant – Margate City, NJ

DSC_0548DSC_0567DSC_0549DSC_0578DSC_0580DSC_0550Recently, we climbed up the leg of this 65′ (20m) landmark to its surprisingly roomy interior, built in 1881 as a real estate promotion on the beach.  “Lucy” is located a few miles SW of Atlantic City, as seen from the “howdah” on top.  Refurbished some years ago, it is both remarkable, and ….silly – but worth the visit. 

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5 thoughts on “Lucy, the Inhabitable Elephant – Margate City, NJ

  1. Steve Shaffer

    Amazing memory. Shortly after my Dad passed away in 1958 my Mom and her Sister, my Aunt, vacationed in Margate (City?) and I remember this “Beast”. Very cool Martin!

  2. Barbara Lefebvre

    Hi Marty.. Wanted to go there for a long time and finally got there last week on the way back from Ocean City, NJ . I really enjoyed it and glad I finally got to see Lucy.

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