Martha’s Vineyard – Gay Head (Aquinnah) Lighthouse

This past week we visited Martha’s Vineyard, a quaint, picturesque island just off the southern coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

Overlooking the Gay Head Cliffs, the original lighthouse (circa 1799) was modified several times to LOWER the light as to render it more visible underneath frequent fog. The current brick version dates back to 1855 and was moved a short distance away from the eroding cliffs in 2015.
Above: The view from atop the lighthouse.
The beach at the base of the sacred cliff is open to hiking, but protected under modern land treaties of the original Wampanoug tribe, ancestors of whom date back over ten thousand years.

A few more photo highlights of our ~48 hour visit will be posted shortly.

Credits: Wikipedia, The National Park Service, and Wampanoug Tribe info panels.

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6 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard – Gay Head (Aquinnah) Lighthouse

  1. Nice. We were there but did not climb the lighthouse (there were other people there; can you believe it?!) The cliffs would have been worth doing so.

    Really, we had planned on it toward the end of our stay, but ended up running out of time as we looked at other things.

    1. Yes, I recall you attended your writing seminar there. With that lighthouse, after viewing the cliffs, I had 15 minutes to walk (run) the path to it, climb, photograph and run back in time for our departing bus. Always up for an adventure! M 🙂

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