That Supermoon

A few hours ago along the Jersey Shore. It sure was a bright night out there! 


As usual, comments are always welcome. Thanks for viewing. M 🙂

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5 Responses to That Supermoon

  1. Mike Powell says:

    Nice shot. I guess a whole lot of us were out last night shooting the moon. 🙂


  2. disperser says:

    So, does your new telescope have a camera attachment?


    • mvschulze says:

      It’s a present to one of our maybe “aspiring” grandkids, and as so, a little small to be of much use for quality astrophotography. But as a hands-on learning introduction to astronomy, it is a most impressive instrument. We just need to nurture his interest without being over-bearing. (It’s a Celestron Nexstar 4 SE – a really remarkable instrument found at a bargain price used, but unused condition.) Unlike my former amateur astronomy days, this is a computerize telescope, which really impressed me last night as I “played” with it prior to presenting it to the 9 year old in about two weeks. Despite the bright moon, several familiar “Deep Sky Objects” (ex. Andromeda Galaxy) and a number of notable double stars were indeed located quickly and flawlessly, and visually looked very respectable in the eyepiece. It could lead to a larger aperture version in the future for my own use (and/or for him –if his interest grows,) which would be more adaptable to photography. M 🙂

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  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s beautiful 👍


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