Another Amazing Week…Disneyworld, Florida

Always changing, always magical – not to mention the seriously joyful impression on young grandchildren. Walt’s World is truly awesome. 


As usual, click on the image for a closer look, and thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome. M 🙂

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4 Responses to Another Amazing Week…Disneyworld, Florida

  1. disperser says:

    Was there three years ago . . . Epcot is still our favorite, but the whole park is worth a visit every few years.

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  2. mvschulze says:

    We too enjoy EPCOT. I always marvel at the approaching view from the monorail, as it slowly encircles Spaceship Earth at night. As a side note, perhaps the funniest event of the visit was my son’s 3 1/2 year old son, (who incessantly pushes buttons of all kinds,) hitting the “Chinese option” for place of origin a second before their journey thru the geosphere began, suddenly featuring a wonderful, informative 16 minute narrative from their Omni-mover ride car…in Chinese! M 🙂

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