Treasure in Manhattan – Morgan Library & Museum



Located on Madison Ave at E. 36th street,  The Morgan Museum and Research Library containing the private holdings of financier J.P Morgan and other benefactors,  is an incomparable collection of original manuscripts, books, paintings, sculptures, cylinder seals and other fine works of literary and imaginary art, accessible to the public in its grandiose historic setting. 

From the Rotunda, one enters the three-story Morgan Library, as also seen above.

dsc_0143Thousands of books in pristine condition, date back centuries. One section contains tens of massive bibles, including the Gutenberg. 

Apparently no expense was spared, as attested in the detail of the ceiling and skylight of this 1906 Manhattan treasure chest.

Below: A large collection of “Cylindrical Seals” are on display, dating back thousands of years. The cylinder, meticulously engraved, would render a relief image when impressed in a soft medium.



We enjoyed visiting this museum while in “The City”  last week.

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8 thoughts on “Treasure in Manhattan – Morgan Library & Museum

  1. Something I would love to see. I imagine they don’t let the public handle the books . . .

    . . . but what I can’t imagine is the effort in keeping all that dusted. Do they check for bookworms? The books don’t look sealed, so I assume the environment is fairly tightly controlled?

    A grand thing to see, for sure.

    1. There’s a lot to see and do there, including multiple special exhibits, constantly changing; guest speakers, audio tours of the various rooms, and even a cafe and dining room. And I don’t konw how they do it, but it all looks a lot cleaner than the average house! M 🙂

    1. …and likewise to South, Southern CA. I would love to explore the likes of old route 80, and so much more. We did have a taste of the area, staying on Harbor Island some years ago… but as you, I suspect, I only feel liberated when it’s just me and my camera, and no time limits. M 🙂

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