“Great Scott!” er… SPOT – Jupiter Collides with EARTH!

I dreamed that the Earth was being threatened by Jupiter’s “Great Red Spot!” 


No, that’s not really true, not even the dream part.  BUT, the clouds above do look a little like planet Jupiter’s atmosphere with its “Great ‘Red’ Spot,” just above and behind the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant here in New Jersey! Furthermore, the smokestack may be attempting to suck power out of the “spot,” as JCP&L investigates more sustainable energy sources; similar to my previous suggestion raised  about New York’s Con Ed last year,  here,  

For reference, here is the real thing: (Stock photo from Wikipedia.)


And below, my younger day’s attempt at “astrophotography.”

Jupiter and its “Great Red Spot” (8″ f/12 reflector, 75x; EXA 35  mm SLR, 1/25th sec. Tri-X B&W film,) captured a long, long time ago in my parents back yard, way before digital imaging, and by today’s standards – pretty meager!  

Thanks for viewing. Click on or finger stretch images for increased detail, and comments are always welcome: M 🙂








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7 Responses to “Great Scott!” er… SPOT – Jupiter Collides with EARTH!

  1. DailyMusings says:

    good one! and beautiful

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  2. disperser says:

    meager it might be, but it was captured by him. That means something. If one just wants a beautiful photo of Jupiter, NASA is the place to go . . .

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    • disperser says:

      I linked a couple of photos, but the link didn’t take. Too bad. They were animation of the approach to Jupiter and an animation of the clouds in motion.

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    • disperser says:

      ah . . . one of them showed up . . . actually, it’s not the clouds in motion; it’s the composite of the planet using static photos. . . . here’s the other if it works.

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      • mvschulze says:

        These are impressive. Note the rotation of the “Red spot,” sometimes referred to as a never ending massive hurricane. M 🙂


      • disperser says:

        There are other animations which I now can’t link that shows the counter-rotation of the various bands. neat to watch. And yes, moons go in and out of frames and in and out of transition.

        NASA has some amazing photos of the moons as well. And also of Saturn.

        Well, actually, of as much of the Universe as we can see.


      • mvschulze says:

        Reply 2. If you look carefully at the second “movie” there are several single frames with Galilean moons, AND their shadows. 🙂


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