1920 Ford Model T Touring Car – Grandpa’s First?




1921-00-00-005ABOVE: My grandfather was the photographer, likely in the fall of 1921 near Suffern, New York, as he took his family out for a Sunday drive. That morning started closer to home in Guttenberg, NJ, as seen in the lower picture. Grandma, my father, (age about 11,) and his sisters, (8 1/2 and 7,) were the passengers.

Below: I suspect the “Kerosene oil  carriage side lights” were an option, a nice touch.


The image above is from the internet and, as a antique, selling for about $70 today. The entire cost of the new car, was about $325. A similar restored version is pictured below.


Thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome. M 🙂

(Feature image tonight:  remembering Gene Cernan from the last lunar landing mission)

7 thoughts on “1920 Ford Model T Touring Car – Grandpa’s First?

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  2. Being estranged from the thousands of relatives in my Mormon (mom) and Catholic (dad) family means that I have no historical photos. Maybe that’s why I have such an interest in the history of what’s around me here in San Diego.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s been an engaging project sifting through hundreds of shoe box photos from my parent’s, now deceased, scanning them, and trying to connect the dots of the’re lives. But it generates so many questions – I wish I could e-mail them. (in the cloud maybe?) M 🙂


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