Awesome Hyperbolic Paraboloid on W. 57th – Open Soon in NYC


Looking down W. 57th St. at twilight this week, four of the newest buildings including the second tallest in the city, dominate the view. But, look at the closest on the left….


Designed by Danish Architect Bjark Inges, this spectacular residential building  features impressive amenities, and a spectacular open air court yard.  

“VIA 57 West” is so dramatically shaped that it looks different from every  viewpoint, as shown here from the west, (above) and north-west an hour earlier. (below) 


As usual, click on the image for a closer look, and thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome. M 🙂

9 thoughts on “Awesome Hyperbolic Paraboloid on W. 57th – Open Soon in NYC

    1. 432 Park Avenue, (2015.) One World Trade Center is the tallest, (2014) and The Empire State Building is 3rd, (1931,) while the building to the left in the photo is 8th tallest in the city, known as One57, (2014.) Search for “Tallest Building in NYC” on Google/Wikipedia for an interesting list. M 🙂

    1. Actually it is.. for NYC premium property. One BR, (All have balconies)
      starts at $4400/mo. The largest, 4 BR, with three “terraces” is listed at $12,800/mo. Google: via 57 West In the case of the first… two people making good city salaries, …affordable! M 🙂

    2. Yeah . . . don’t sound all that reasonable to me, but then I don’t live in a metropolitan area . . . and not likely to ever live in a metropolitan area. Heck, I’m not even likely to visit.

    1. The view from NJ’s Palisades (Cliffs) is awesome on a beautifully clear day as this was. There are so many intricate details in the city-scape. Thanks for the comment. M 🙂

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