Buffalo, Paris, and Chimney Pots.

Twenty four years ago I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on Chippewa and Main in Buffalo, NY,  and was intrigued by the adjoining roof top of an early 20th century two-story building, rimmed with tens of classic chimney pots. 

Years later while in France, the view from the Eiffel Tower brought those chimney pots to mind…

Just for perspective because I like the image, here is a view from the top-level of the Eiffel Tower on September 25, 2012. I wonder how many of these “pots” would be within this view! 

As usual, click on the image for a closer look, and thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome. M 🙂

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6 Responses to Buffalo, Paris, and Chimney Pots.

  1. DailyMusings says:

    love these images- so interesting!


    • mvschulze says:

      Thanks, Lisa. The building in Buffalo is now the home of the Contempoary Photography and Visual Arts Center (CEPA,) members to whom I’ve reached out to for information on the pots – but little has been learned as of yet. I hope to update accordingly in a near future post. M 🙂


  2. disperser says:

    That’s a lot of chimneys . . . and a neat Paris view.


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