On The Road to Tobacco Bay, Bermuda

Last week, we cruised to Bermuda from NYC on the 145,000 gross ton Norwegian Breakaway. Day six of this family vacation brought us to St. George via the ferry  and a short walk to Tobacco Bay, on the far north shore for swimming, snorkling and exploring, 

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6 thoughts on “On The Road to Tobacco Bay, Bermuda

  1. “MV,” Wife Geri & I LOVE Tobacco Bay!!! We discovered it on our first of four trips, 1987-1991. The first trip in 1987, just the two of us, was also a cruise like yours & we were docked in St. George’s the entire stay! But back then St. George’s was undeveloped & the Whitehorse Inn was the only place in town to eat & there was ONE SHOP for souvenirs! So we meandered over the hill to Tobacco Bay. It had just been restored by this guy who cleared the refuse & ran a shack of a refreshment stand!!! It was wonderful…..local kids diving off the rocks, sparce with tourists like us, & beautiful water & beach! We followed up in 1989, 1990, & 1991 flying with our three sons. We stayed all three trips to the west in Somerset at a Christian resort called Willowbank. It’s closed now due to hard times through the Great Recession but hopes to reopen. Willowbank is no slouch of a resort. Half the guests went there for the beauty & the 1/2 price of other hotels!!! It was non-denominational Christian & non-Christians were welcomed & comfortable. The only things “Christian” were grace at dinner & alcohol only in your room. There were Christian sing-a-longs, talks, & childcare, but that was your choice. The food was fabulous & there were both bay & ocean beaches. The snorkeling was the BEST in all Bermuda. Glass-bottom tourist excursions anchored at Willowbank for the array of rainbow fish species!!! The guests were encouraged after dinner to take the leftover rolls out the walkway to the pier to feed the fish!!!! Even the most popular photos used by the Bermuda Tourism Agency were of the lawn, palms, & ocean taken from Willowbank. –We await the reopening of Willowbank! –Swimming pool, tennis…. so friendly!!! One year Willowbank was voted the best hotel in all Bermuda!!! Phil

    1. We honeymooned at the Elbow Beach resort, and have the best of memories. Later with the kids we stayed at the South Hampton Princess, and more recently two cruises. Changes are inevitable as economics and logistics and even popularity intercede, one way or another, A treasure like the Willowbank – a re-opening to the stature you describe, would be wonderful. So many of the old resorts have succumbed to condo’s or other higher return investments, and the sheer capacity of today’s cruise ships compared to 40, 50 or more years ago, has fostered a somewhat less immersive experience, in my opinion. BUT, that said, we love the island, look for and find the more secluded beaches ….and will likely be there again. Thanks for your interesting comment, Phil. M 🙂

  2. “MV,” Know the South Hampton Princess so well…..Attended a show there! In our day even the number of cruise ships permitted in-port was limited for a “quality controlled” experience for tourists!
    –Not anymore. In out years there, Dockyard was ONLY a tourist destination. Only later did it become another port & ships move from St. Georges’s to Dockyard to Hamilton on one cruise trip! And as for beaches, we, naturally, experienced Horseshoe Bay. But the best of all was the ocean side beach at Willowbank as opposed to its bay beach. We were often the only people on the beach. The rock formations to each side were fantastic & the best snorkeling & fish sightings were right there a swim/troll off the beach. Willowbank is closed to the public but still owned & maintained by the same church organization. I’ve been in touch with someone affiliated with Bermuda tourism there & he said there is a good possibility that Willowbank will reopen …but when? Phil

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