Snowy White Egrets – This Morning’s Mini Post

A few quick images from this morning on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey

6:31 AM, muted sunshine. “Here I come. Fishies, look out!!!”

Thirty seconds later…”Walking along, my merry way… Doo de doo!”

6:54 AM, clouds over sun. “This is my ‘stalking’ pose…reeaddy to POUNCE!!!”

 Five seconds later… “Yahheeiahhh!” 

As usual, thanks for viewing, Comments are demanded…sorry, I mean always welcomed. Click on images for closer view. M 🙂



7 thoughts on “ Snowy White Egrets – This Morning’s Mini Post

  1. Not to be “the obnoxious one” but this is a GREAT EGRET, not a Snowy! The Snowy is smaller, has a black beak (not yellow, although there is a small yellow area at the top of the beak) and has higher set wings. Otherwise, nice pictures and I very much enjoy your blog.

    1. Quite the contrary. I appreiciate the correction, and welcome the education. We live next to a wildlife refuge with a lot of impressive shore birds, including an Osprey nest with two “chicks” or I guess “eyass,” currently in residence with the parents. Thanks for your comment. M 🙂

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