You talking to me? YOU TALKING TO ME???

The memorable, iconic Robert De Niro lines above, from the movie “Taxi Driver,” (1976,) is a fitting caption for this black-crowned night heron, the series taken a while ago by Masonicus Creek, in Winter’s Park, Mahwah, NJ.

As usual, click on the image for a closer look, and thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome. M 🙂


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13 Responses to You talking to me? YOU TALKING TO ME???

  1. Sherry Felix says:

    Nice portrait of a Nightcrown.

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  2. dobfankris says:

    fantastic photos , great lighting and detail on this beauty

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  3. disperser says:

    Nice shots . . . the caption would be more fitting if it held a gun.

    This looks more like “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You are my only hope.”

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  4. One of my favorite movies!


  5. DailyMusings says:

    Wow what wonderful captures of a Night Heron!!! I have never visited that park in Mahwah- but will add it to my list!


  6. We have many black-crowned night herons that hang around at SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo. They get lots of free scraps there.


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